Take a big breath - inhale slowly through your nose. Let the air fill you all the way down to your stomach. Hold that breath and pay attention to how your body feels; full, energized and quiet. Now, exhale - slowly through your mouth, push all of the air out. Pay attention to how your body feels; peaceful, calm and relaxed. 

Allow any tension to melt away as you gradually relax more and more deeply with each breath. Now bring your awareness to the top of your head. Sense or imagine a feeling of relaxation beginning to spread down from the top of your scalp. Let the muscles in your forehead and temples and eyes relax. Let your cheeks and jaw soften and let go of all tension. Now this peaceful feeling flows down your neck and deep into the muscles in your shoulders, arms and all the way to the tips of your fingers. Soothing and releasing. Now the relaxing sensation flows through your chest and your stomach. Feel how this area gently rises and falls as you breathe. Turn your attention to your back and feel the relaxing sensation flow all the way down your spine and into your lower body, the front and back of your thighs, your knees, your calves and your ankles. Feel all these hard working muscles becoming loose and relaxed.

Big breath in - now exhale. Your entire body is calm, relaxed and ready for your massage.